Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Just pass on by

For no particular reason, I thought I would do this post as an homage to this rather lovely McDonalds commercial.

To the gaggling teen
Snarling and mean
In his sagging jeans
Worn round their thighs, so obscene
Just pass on by

And the delinquent types
And ‘awight bruv’ types
And listen to their music without headphones tikes
Just pass on by

Those rabbiting on their phone
As if they’re alone
Talking about their boyfriends
Loudly having a moan
Just pass on by

To the knuckle-draggers
And over-confident braggers
And intelligence flaggers
Just pass on by

The arrogant shop assistant
So annoyingly persistent
So much fury I’d like to vent
And their noses to dent
Just pass on by

And the cold callers
Those far away jawlers
Whose scripts are flawless
But whose pitch appal us
Just pass on by

And the thieving bank
Who would rather you sank
And give you a spank
And make you walk the plank
Just pass on by

And the colleagues who shout
And preen and pout
And prance about
And perception of nought
Whose ideas they tout and ignorance they flout
Please, just pass on by

There’s a rant for everyone


  1. Phew! I'm glad I've finally written one you like.