Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Superiority Complex

“If I can just give you a bit of advice mate?” Said the cretinous, patronising security guard at Heathrow to the well-dressed businessman scrabbling around on the floor looking for the money that had just fallen there. “Never, ever, ever put your belt in the small tray. Never. That was an accident waiting to happen. It was always going to make it tip up, taking your change with it. I could have told you that.”

Well, thank you very much Einstein. Those pearls of wisdom will stay with all of us present until the day we die. I personally shall turn to my children whilst lying on my deathbed and say, “If I can give you a bit of advice kids? Never, ever, ever put your belts in the small tray, it’s an accident waiting to happen.” This will be a lesson they can take with them through the rest of their lives and lead to them developing into well rounded, self-sufficient, productive adults. If I had been the well-dressed businessman I would have taken said belt, wrapped it round the guard’s stupid, scrawny neck and tightened it until all the life had drained out of his moronic pock-marked face, then removed it and beaten him black and blue with it. Okay, obviously I wouldn’t, I would have smiled benignly and thought about it whilst silently calling him a very rude name.

There is a certain type of person, usually employed in a position where the only qualifications needed are to have breath and opposable thumbs, which delight in lording it over everyone else. They seem to think that because they know how to do one single task better than the general population, they are some kind of mastermind, and we are all ignorant heathens. We all know them: Security guards, tip workers, traffic wardens, train revenue inspectors, bouncers the list goes on. Why they feel the need to act like a prize dick at every opportunity is anyone’s guess, but they do. Perhaps its some kind of a peak cap syndrome? How they would love a peak cap, and possibly epaulettes to mark out their rank. ‘I hold the temporary balance of power, so therefore I am far more important than you are, and I will take every opportunity to let you know.’ You can just imagine them saluting themselves every morning in the bathroom mirror, before putting on their uniform, collecting their packed lunch, kissing their mum goodbye and heading off for work.


  1. Can you add to your list: builder merchant shop assistant, I stress assistant, as they, with dedicated cheer and a selfless desire to impart their knowledge, so rarely do, choosing instead to cunningly combine sarcasm, rudeness and a thinly veiled sneer behind their troweled on smiles. Unless that is you find yourself experiencing the dubious pleasure of dealing with a member of a two letter chain of shops who may communicate without evening bothering to turn round. Staff star of the month goes to that particular specimen.

  2. self worth....micro managers....

    I can feel my diastolic blood pressure rising at the very thought of them!!!!!

    kill,kill, KILL THEM ALL!!!!

  3. I think both builder merchant shop assistants (let's face it, most shop assistants) and micro managers are worthy additions to the list. I shall add them to the 'Who would you most like to drop down a well' poll (Top right).