Thursday, 3 December 2009

Not another bloody blog

An apt title for what is, in essence, a completely needless entity. Why oh why would anybody think there was a need for yet another pointless blog in the cyberverse? There are so many other useful things I could be doing with my time; working, finding Christmas presents for my kids, exercising, feeding my mind, thinking of ways to create world peace. But no, I thought I would try and create a blog where people can moan, whinge, complain and generally attack whatever it happens to be that's making their life worse at that particular moment in time. Why? Because, it's immensely satisfying, therapeutic even, to get these things off our chests. Who doesn't want to scream obscenities at the cold caller who's ringing from Mumbai to discuss the weather, before trying to sell you life insurance? Or castigate the customer service representative who tells you your new fridge is out of stock and can't be delivered for another three weeks, even though you bought the display model. As nice as it would be to throttle the inventor of the automated answering machine, the reality is writing down our feelings is our only real outlet for these everyday, unnecessary, hideous frustrations. Not only do I personally find it cathartic to write down with great vengeance and furious anger, in the safe knowledge that it won't result in a punch in the mouth from the recipient, but I also find it enormously satisfying to read the literary tongue-lashings of others. It reminds me that I am not alone in being generally dissatisfied with with world at it's worst, but it is often done with far more wit and imagination than the beneficiary deserves. This led me to the conclusion that there should be home for these outpourings. Somewhere we can all retreat to and berate whoever, and whatever we see fit. And if it is done with humour and panache, then others may just want to read it. Indeed if I, or anybody else should come upon a suitably entertaining rant, then post it here, for it will find a welcome home. All of this led me to the conclusion that the best place to house these diatribes would be a dedicated blog. And that, dear reader, is why there is another bloody blog in the world.

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